Аккорды One Glimpse Away - Memories

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Verse 1
     C#                        #        E
My memories thought were gonna leave me covered
But it's not like that I'm forced to be again so bothered
          C#                         F#              E D
Don't you understand? I kinda feel I owe this all to me

My tired eyes haven't ever heard such poems
While my damaged ears haven't seen a different home
Than I am used to, a shell with a thousand ghosts inside

A                  E            F#m      D
I've been sick of attention for my whole life
A       E            F#m     D      E                
And I'm doing alright, and I get it alright
A       E          F#m         E       A    E      H    D
I better find a conception for what I write here tonight

Verse 2
My fears are here, I was gonna have them captured
But I've changed my mind, I'm better off without a rapture
Could i take my time and find good reason for my thoughts?
Or i will do it again


Verse 1

Chorus (x 2)