Аккорды Owl City - If My Heart Was A House

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Verse 1: 
           D        A       Em   G 
You're the sky that I fell through 
          D         A 
And I remember the view 
    Em        G 
Whenever I'm holding you 
D         A           Em   G 
 The sun hung from a string 
          D         A            Em          G 
Looking down on the world as it warms over everything 
D            A      Em   G 
 Chills run down my spine 
         D         A 
As our fingers entwine 
         Em          G 
And your sighs harmonize with mine 
D         A       Em   G 
 On this day complete 
      D               A          Em            G 
I can still feel your heart beat fast when you dance with me 
Bm      A        G           A 
We got older and I should've known (Do you feel alive?) 
Bm             A          G       A 
That I'd feel colder when I walk alone (Oh, but you'll survive) 
Bm    A           G          A 
So I may as well ditch my dismay 
      G   D  A 
Bombs away 
      G   D  A 
bombs away 
D      A          Em            G 
Circle me and the needle moves gracefully 
D        A 
Back and forth 
      Em           G 
If my heart was a compass you'd be north 
D        A             Em            G 
Risk it all cause I'll catch you if you fall 
    D         A 
Wherever you go 
       Em          G              D A Em G 
If my heart was a house you'd be home 
Verse 2: 
It makes me smile because you said it best 
I would clearly feel blessed if the sun rose up from the west 
Flower balm perfume, all my clothes smell like you 
Cause your favorite shade is navy blue 
I walk slowly when I'm on my own (Do you feel alive?) 
Yeah, but frankly I still alone (Oh, but you'll survive) 
So I may as well ditch my dismay 
Bombs away, bombs away 
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