Аккорды Passion Pit - Where We Belong

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G                     Bm
It's gotten cold in here,
G                                       Bm
But a solemn warmth draws near
And with a gentle touch,
Am7                                             D                            B7M  
All these burdens and such fears are wiped clear

G                         Bm
Who says you are to stay?
G                         Bm
How's this the easier way?
It's far from giving up,
Am7                               D                       B7M   
Cowards never say "enough is enough"

G                                 Bm
And then I'm lifted up,
G                                  Bm
Out of the crimson towel
The bath begins to drain
Am7                                              D                     B7M  
And from the floor he prays away all my pain

G                                     Bm
Who says that God exists?
G                         Bm
We can't see icons or myths, but
I believe in you,
Am7                                  D            
Do you believe in me too?

C                                 Em
All the things you can't control
C                                   G     D     Cadd9
Should never destroy your love or hopes

C                  D
I found a place (x3)
Where we belong

C   D  Em7 (x4)

C                                                D                                    Em7
Never did I think that I'd believe they took away his crown
C                                               D                  Em7
Never did I ever think I'd find all of the things I've found
C                                                                         D           Em7
It's hard to keep on living where your heart is but I knew you'd help
C                                                   D                                 Em7
All I've ever wanted was to be happy and make you proud

End on G