Аккорды Pat The Bunny - Song for a Stray Cat on the Fence

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A C D G (x2)

[Verse 1]
A                           C
I skipped class and took the number five bus
D                        Am
All the way east, just to see where it ends
         Am                 C
Smoked a cigarette at Udall Station
D                   Am
Got back on the bus again
Am              C        D
We've been this way since you met me
Hearts not heavy, but empty
    Am                         C
And once a song could raise me up, but now

D                      Am
there's nothing, so I stumbled home a
broken man
Am   C                  C5
With blood on my hands, dead on my feet

Shot down where I stand
     Am                 C
With blood on my hands, dead on my feet
Dm                 Am
Shot where I stand

           C            G           Am
Freedom is beautiful and terrible, it's
nothing soft and sweet

          C              G          Am
It's used bullets on the sidewalk, fires
across the street
    C           G                Am
It's you moving in with your new boyfriend
in Oakland

           C         G        Am
It's a pack of wild dogs on a road
without a street lamp
     C                        G
It's roaches in the bathroom, mice in the kitchen
    Am                           F
And no one left to blame for the way I've been living
     C                    G
It's mice in the kitchen, roaches in the bathroom
Am N.C.
And no one left to blame

Am C D G
Am C D A5

[Verse 2]
  Am                      C
I woke up late and missed class again
D                                Am
And so I brewed a pot of coffee and went back to bed
Snatch some bread selling junk from the
back of the shed

Hop the fence, because the front's being
watched by the feds
Am              Am         C
We've been this way since  we've been
alive, reckless and shy
   Am                C
So I set fire to the house and took off running
D                     Am
I hope that you won't mind
  Am N.C.
I burned down the house to get myself out of this hell alive
  Am                       C
I burned down the house to get myself out
  Dm                  Am
I hope you don't mind

           C                G
Freedom is nothing soft and sweet, it's
       Am        F
beautiful and terrible
     C              G
It's admitting everything that I don't

Am           F
want anyone to know
             C             G
It's telling people that I love I stole

Am                     F
from them when they weren't looking
             C          G
It's fucking up so many times that they

Am             F
won't pick up when I call them
     C                                G
It's watching people die because they got back in it
    Am                        F
And knowing that I don't have any say in it
     C                        G                       Am N.C.
It's watching people die, and knowing I don't get any say

Am C D G
Am C D Am		
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