Аккорды Penelope Scott - Requiem For A Meme

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I'll pull you through quicksand,
     C               G
I'll snatch you from Hell.
      B7         Am
Don't cry it was my mistake,
D7      B7
Mine to assume that you fell.
          Em        C          G
Don't you ever tell me what to do
B7               Em           C
I will do what's right and the rest well
  G               B7          C      D7
I guess that that parts up to you.

          C                            G     B7
I wanna go swimming, get drunk and feel sick
                  Em          C         G
The nukes might be coming but so's this dick
          Em              C          G
A capalist hellscape, the end of the world
    B7                  Em           C       G
But look at me man, I'm kinda just a fucking girl.
      G    B7 C              G
And I miss my mom, I miss my home.
     B7              Em        C        G
Take bullshit to the face, and just let go.
     G7       Em          D7             B7
The system is fucked, I'm alive by sheer luck,
         Em        C             D7             G
But with God as my witness, this night will not suck.