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[Verse 1]
Cm             Cm
       How has everything been turned against us?
B                           B
       How did suffering become so endless?
Abmaj7      Abmaj7
      How am I to reunite with my
      Gsus4                       Gsus4
estranged? Do I need to change?
Cm              Cm
        I'm surrounded by the souls of those I've lost
B               B
        I'm the only one whose line I haven't crossed
Ab               Ab
   What if the greatest threat we'll find across the sea
G                G
              Is me?

                 Abmaj7                      Fm
What if I'm the monster? What if I'm in the wrong?
                  Gm7                            Eb/G    Gm
What if I'm the problem that's been hiding all along?
                         Abmaj7                           Fm
What if I'm the one who killed you Every time I caved to guilt?
                          Gm7                               Eb/G    Gm
hat if I've been far too kind to foes But a monster to ourselves?
What if I'm the monster?

        Abmaj7                                        Fm
Is the cyclops struck with guilt when he kills? Is he up in the middle of the night?
            Gm7                                       Eb/G                        Gm
Or does he end my men to avenge his friend And then sleep knowing he has done him right?
          Abmaj7                                 Fm
When the witch turns men to pigs to protect her nymphs is she going insane?
            Gm7                                       Eb/G                        Gm
Or did she learn to be colder when she got older and now she saves them the pain?
        Abmaj7                                        Fm
When a god comes down and makes a fleet drown Is he scared that he's doing something wrong?
             Gm7                                        Eb/G                         Gm
Or does he keep us in check so we must respect him And now no one dares to piss him off?
          Abmaj7                                     Fm
Does a soldier use a wooden horse to kill sleeping Trojans 'cause he is vile?
            Gm7                                   Gm
Or does he throw away his remorse and save more lives with guile?

               Abmaj7                      G7
I became the monster? I threw that guilt away
                     Cm7                               Bb
Would that make us stronger? Would it keep our foes at bay?
                  Abmaj7                           G7
If I've became the Monster to everyone but us
                       Cm7                                 Bb
And made sure we got home again Who would care if we're unjust?
                Fm  Ddim  Ab            G                             Cm
If I became God? (Monster) Oh, ruthlessness is mercy upon ourselves - Monster
              Bb                          Ab
And deep down I know this well I lost my best friend
I lost my mentor, my mom fivehundred men gone,
                          Cm                        Bb
this can't go on I must get to see Penelope and Telemachus
               G                       Cm
So if we must sail through Dangerous oceans and beaches
     G                                                             Ab
I'll go where Poseidon won't reach us And if I gotta drop another infant from a wall
In an instant so we all don't die

                      Abmaj7                  Fm
Then I'll become the monster Iwill deal the blow
                   Cm7                               Bb
And I'll become the monster Like none they've ever known
                   Abmaj7                  Fm
So what if I'm the monster Lurking deep below
                   Cm7                               Bb
I must become the monster And then we'll make it home
 Abmaj7                                        Fm
Monster, oh Penelope
                   Cm7                               Bb
Monster, oh Telemachus
Abmaj7             Gm7                          Cm
Monster, oh Oh, ruthlessness is mercy upon ourselves
  Cm      Bb
Monster, oh       I'll become the monster

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