Аккорды Pokey LaFarge - Josephine

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Дата добавления: 22 Марта 2024г.
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C                       C7
ease me down josephine
     F                               C
got something that makes me want to stay
F                            C         Am
you know id never lead you blind or astray
F                       G7     C
just ease me down my sweet josephine

C                       C7
take me out in the yard
    F                      C
and lay me down half past eight
    F                           C              Am
go to the gardens through that bright colored gate
F                           G7
just ease your body next to mine


C                               C7
its cigarettes and whiskey at dawn
F                       C      
and apples and oranges at noon
        F                                   C       Am
yes its summertime in the city and we'll be leaving soon
   F                            G7
im going to carolina to rest my bones