Аккорды Porter Wagoner - Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff

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 G                                                      C  
I never had a pair of shoes that weren't old hand me downs 
                     G                                D7  
And daddy's morning coffee came from old left over grounds 
    G                                           C  
My momma wore no jewelry or any store bought stuff 
               G          D7                        G  
Home was on a hillside forty miles from poplar bluff 
Forty miles back in Missouri 
           C                  G  
There's a different way of life 
Where a man thinks of his neighbor 
     C                    D7  
And not his neighbor's wife 
 G                                         C  
Life is far from fancy sometimes mighty rough 
But contentment makes it worth it 
       D7                  G  
Forty miles from poplar bluff 
Our only family treasure was a beat up radio 
                       G                                 D7  
And it took us to the places where we knew we'd never go 
      G                                                  C  
We’d listen to the Grand Ole Opry Bill Monroe and Roy Acuff 
                           G       D7                        G  
There was lots of country music forty miles from poplar bluff 
Repeat #2 
Now sometimes in the winter when the snow was on the ground 
                        G                               D7  
The roads would all be closed and we couldn't get to town 
     G                                                C  
But if daddy had his terbacker and grandma had her snuff 
                           G              D7       
Then the winters wouldn’t seem so long forty miles 
from poplar bluff 
Repeat #2 
       D7                  G  
Forty miles from poplar bluff