Аккорды Прикольные песни - Мурка

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Am                   E            Am
Now I tell the story how all this happened.
               A7               Dm
Murka was the girl and girl allright.
            Dm                 Am
And in our district everybody missed her
                E              Am
When she was arrested late at night.

Once we went on business, me and Rabinovich,
Then we dropped at nearest restaurant-hall.
There was Murka sitting with Tommy, bloody bastard,
And she had a brouning, black and small.

First we wonna-gonna 'cause we were alone,
But suddenly a revenge came to mind.
In the dirty park-lines, where the people drink wine,
Our lovely Murka, you shall die.

How do you do, my Murka? How do you do, my darling?
How do you do, my darling, and goodbye...
You was sold forever all our malina
And it is a reason you must die.

Rabinovich fired, but he missed of target.
Me was that who made a little shot.
I was brought to doctor but Rabinovich, sterva,
Quickly took the girl to drink on spot.

Blacky voronochek, and my heart is crying,
And my heart is crying in the night.
In the dirty park-lines where the people drink wine
Murka's body lying still but fine...