Аккорды Radney Foster - The Kindness of Strangers

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Intro: Bm - A - D (2x)

[Verse 1:]

       Bm          A                    D
He was nervous and excited when he walked in        
    Bm                        A                    G
She poured him a drink, and they discussed the price of sinae
     Bm                Aiu
She'd unbuttoned just two buttonssi,
       D           G
Put her hand upon his thigh
          Bm                Aiu           D                 G
When that grown man started crying, she did not blink and eye

[Verse 2:]

         Bm              A                  D
She just held him in her arms like a little child
    Bm                             A                     G
She laid there and listened to him talk for a long, long while
           Bm           A                D              G
He rambled on about the lawyers, and the family torn in two
        Bm                   A
He said nights like this I'm empty
         D             G
I'm just trying to get through


The kindness of strangers
Tears of angels
Wondering how to let go
When the heartaches all you trust
The quiet of Cathedrals
To cut through the evil
     Bm                          G
Some little ray of hope when you watch love turn to rust
          D/F#    Em
When your soul is bleeding
What you really need is
                D/F#        -  G  (x3)
The kindness of strangers

[SOLO:[   Bm - A - D (2x)

[Verse 3:]

   Bm                    A              D
He put on his coat as he headed for the door
    Bm               A                    G
She said, "You never got what you paid me for"
           Bm                        A
She said, "I don't need to keep this money"
       D                G
And he said, "Yeah, you do"
          Bm            A          D                   G
She said, "I don't pray much.  But honey I'll pray for you"


And the kindness of strangers
The kisses of Angels
            Bm                 G      
And letting go even though the heartaches all you trust
The quiet of cathedrals
And the wings of eagles
         Bm                 G                                      
To carry you some hope even though loves turned to rust
         D/F#   Em
When you really need it
Cause your soul is bleeding
The kindness of strangers

[OUTRO:]   G - D/F# - G - D/F# - G -Bm - G         D - A - Bm - G to Fade