Аккорды Riley Pearce - Indefinitely

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Дата добавления: 15 Мая 2024г.
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BPM:      108
Single Released: 23 Feb 2022

[D6/F#      2x0202]

Capo: 2 fret

        Alternate or different capo fret positions are easily possible by using the transpose
           button below.
          The chords will automatically adapt to the new capo position.
          Plus 1 on the transpose button means capo fret position one down; minus one
             means capo one fret up.
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            movements of the chords on the line are possible (depends on length chord names).
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                  Half step down tuning set the transpose button at +3.

D  Dmaj7  D6/F#  G

[Verse 1]
D                Dmaj7
 Is this where I leave you?
D6/F#         G          D
 Is one of us falling, behind,
                    Dmaj7   D6/F#  G
We’ve always been a passing tide,

[Verse 2]
D                Dmaj7
 A detour in the distance,
D6/F#                G
  While everything remains on file,
D              Dmaj7        D6/F#  G
 To rediscover down the line.

[Verse 3]
            D               Dmaj7
I know that this is not goodbye,
But that isn’t helping,
G                     D       Dmaj7
So I hold out ‘til we both collide,
D6/F#             G
Whenever that may be.

D6/F#  G

[Verse 4]
D               Dmaj7
Not for lack of trying,
D6/F#               G
Just running out of real estate,
D                   Dmaj7      D6/F#    G
We’ve always been a bridge too far.

[Verse 5]
D               Dmaj7
Still owe you a birthday,
D6/F#                G
Old traditions never died so hard,
D                      Dmaj7    D6/F#  G
Would you settle for a homemade card.

[Verse 6]
When the smoke clears,
  D                   Dmaj7
I hope you reach back out,
                           D6/F#  G
And say “hey where did the time  go”,
                        D               Dmaj7  D6/F#
And we continue like we never broke our stride,
G                         D                   Dmaj7
I’d like to think that it hits you on the overpass,
You hear it over the static,
G                      D                   Dmaj7
The kind of memory you can’t stop flooding back,
D6/F#               G
  Whenever that may be.

D  Dmaj7  D6/F#  G
D  Dmaj7

[Verse 7]
I see your plane leave,
         D          Dmaj7
From the parking lot,
But I do nothing about it,
       G                         D          Dmaj7
My indecision keeps making every choice for me.

[Verse 8]
D                               Dmaj7
Now there’s a nature to our own design,
We got to keep moving forward,
          Dmaj7                              G          D
But every now and then I hope you’re looking back for me,
         Dmaj7    G
Whenever that may be.

D  Dmaj7  D  Dmaj7
D  Dmaj7
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