Аккорды Scott McMicken and THE EVER-EXPANDING - Diamonds in the Snow

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[Verse 1]
F                   C           G
Diamonds in the snow, go for Tokyo
             F                    G
Heavens everytime, I been making off
F                   C             G
Violets in the glow, fall upon chateau
                  F                    G
Flowers in the glass, low lights on my brass bed

[Verse 2]
F                  C                    G
Jesus what a waste, Brenda's been replaced
              F                   G
Palace liquified, now and then collide
F                     C                 G
Save your tears for later and be my alligator
            F                   G
Ravaging my mind, last bus to Madrid

[Verse 3]
    F                            C                  G
You slipped and flipped your lid, walls are all we know
                     F                           G
The windows are indigo, and I could pass for a Casio
    F                 C              G
The moments on a limb, here we go again
                        F                          G
The damage is never done, I found my sound down at Avalon

[Verse 4]
F                  C                  G
Stolen like a moon, some criminal raccoons
               F                       G
Life is overdue, so find yourself a haunted bridge

F                      F#dim  G  Em  F
Diamonds in the snow
F                      F#dim  G  Em  F
Diamonds in the snow    Ah

[Verse 5]
F                     C                   G
To climb aboard a fire, run and catch a wire
                   F                           G
Laugh on and levitate, cash your checks and disintegrate.

F                  C  G    F    G
Diamonds in the snow