Аккорды Take That - Beautiful

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Дата добавления: 27 Июля 2021г.
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Вступление: G Am Em D

Куплет 1:
Let all that’s simple pass you by
     Am                Em      D
Let all that lives be free to die
    G          Am          Em D
We’re all, we’re all key to life
Face all that rage and history
     Am             Em       D
It makes no sense to you and me
 G          Am             Em D
We’re all, we’re all free to fight

       Am                      Bm
I broke all my vows, my common sense
        C                     D
Says find vocation somewhere else

     C                       D
This should’ve been so beautiful
    G                         Em
Should’ve been my proudest moment
 C                      D
How to have and lose you all
 G                     Em
How to be a disappointment
 C                            D
Save your cheers and my applause
    G                      Em
I never was worth fighting for
C              D            G
This should’ve been so beautiful
Been so beautiful
    C                     D
It could’ve been so beautiful

Куплет 2:
Lay all that’s sinful down to rest
May all our judgements be confessed
We’re all, we’re all guilty now
Drink for the crowd not for yourself
Til someone hears your cry for help
Let’s all, let’s all take a bow

I spent all my mind on making sense
It made no difference in the end


C    D             G            Em            
I close my eyes and I Am somebody else
C         D            G                Em
Tonight I close my eyes and I don’t need any help
C              D 
Every moment of laughter
G               Em
Every moment I fear
C              D           G
Every moment that you’re not here

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