Аккорды Talkshow Boy - Eatyou

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A E A E A E A (x2)

[Verse 1]
A       E       A       E
I could eat you up in a mouthful
A    E            A
tea parties on my tongue with me
A     E       A   E
Could eat you and taste you
A   E             A
sea-shanties in a slum w/ me
D                          A
There's many a lake we can swim we can win
        E                   A
We can live like a lady or a tramp like a tramp
       D                       A
We can rock we can rollick and run thru the wind
      E                      A
We can win we can win we can win anything

E                  E7                   D                                D7
And all we have to do to win is put our coins in the machine and press a button and
           A      E    D         E
Wait for a signal or a sign, sit down,
         A            E      D           E
smoke a cigarette, sleep and waste waste time
A       E           D                E
I can't eat cos I'm hungry for your loving baby,
A         E            D      E
Cannot swallow down my dinner tonight

[Verse 2]
A      E       A           E
Let me eat you down like a dinner baby
A               E             A
I could use your body like an after-dinner mint
    A           E           A           E
You smile, and return the favour with a kiss
       A            E        A
On the lips, I gotta eat cos I'm too thin
         D                 A
There's many a king with a crown on his capo
        E                   A
We can sit in the courtroom case like a lawyer
       D                       A
We can dance we can die we can run thru the traffic
        E                          A
We can drive thru the traffic and driving thru pedestrians

E                 E7                      D                        D7
And all we have to do to drive is put our keys in the car, turn 'em 45 degrees and we can
A          E           D         E
wait for a signal or a sign, to drive,
       A        E          D         E
like a traffic light, or a road road sign
         A        E               D                  E             A        E
and the rules for driving, we can throw them out the window cos we got each other
        D            E
and you cover me in chocolate
A           E          D      E                   A        E
The cars we drive are made by multinationals, the fuel is love
          D              E
and it's pouring out my forehead baby,
A     E       D             E
I say sex is founded in the cerebellum,
A         E             D       E
red-green charges in my corpus collosum baby

A E D E (x4)
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