Аккорды Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety

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[Verse 1]
Fm                          A#m7              C                          Fm
    All God's children need travelling shoes,   drive your problems from here,
Fm                        A#m7            C                         Fm
    All good people read...   good books,    now your conscience is clear,
           F4     Fm     C                         Fm
I hear you talk, girl,     now your conscience is clear

[Verse 2]
Fm                        A#m7           C                      Fm
    In the morning when I wipe my brow,      wipe the miles a - way,
Fm                        A#m7           C                         Fm
    I like to think I can be so willed,      and never do what you say,
           F4    Fm   C                        Fm
I'll never hear you,    and never do what you say

        C7                   Fm+7 Fm
Look my eyes are just holo - grams,
          C7                        Fm+7 Fm
Look your love has drawn red from my hands,
        A#m7                       A#m6 Fm                 C                     Fm
From my hands you know you'll ne - ver  be, more than twist in my sobrie - ty,
          C                    Fm                 C                  Fm
More than twist in my sobrie - ty, more than twist in my sobrie - ty

  A#m             C7             C7     Fm
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /   /  /  |

[Verse 3]
Fm                       A#m7          C                         Fm  
   We just poked a little ...empty pie,  for the fun that people had at night,
Fm                              A#m7        C                    Fm
   Late at night don't need host  - tility,    timid smile, and pause to free,
Fm                              A#m7
     I don't care about their...    different thoughts,
C                           Fm   
    Different thoughts are good for me,
Fm                 A#m7               C                     Fm
    Up in arms and chaste and whole,     all God's children took their toll


   C7             Fm             C7
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |
   Fm                             A#m      C7
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |

[Verse 4]
Fm                  A#m7                 Fm                  A#m7
   Cup of tea, take time to think, yeah,   ...time to risk a life, a life, a life,
Fm                    A#m7                     C                            Fm
   Sweet and handsome,  ...soft and porky, you pig out 'til you've seen the light,
C                            Fm
Pig out 'til you've seen the light

 [Verse 5]
Fm                  A#m7                  C                        Fm
   Half the people...   read the papers,     read them ...good and well,
               A#m7                 C                  Fm    C                Fm
Pretty people,   ...nervous people, people have got to sell, news you have to sell

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