Аккорды The Black Angels - 18 Years

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F#   E   A
F#   E   A
Verse 1
 F#                                E     A
She's got control of you, and you love it
   F#                                              E  A
Controlling the pain of you with the palm of her hand
      F#                               E      A
Yeah she's got control of you, and you need it
      F#                        E  A
She comes in red with a linen dress
      F#      E     A
Who knew?
Verse 2
      F#                               E A
The door opens up and lets some light in
 F#                                    E A
Someone calls and takes the blindfold off
  F#                               E A
You are home to see a woman standing
  F#                        E A
Someone holds to knock you out
     F# E    A
Who knew?
Verse 3
   F#                                  E   A
A heavy beating, the pounding of your heart
      F#                           E A
You start to sweat and you scream out
 F#                                      E  A
Something black answers back from the dungeon
          F# E  A
And you smile
Verse 4
      F#                                  E  A
The curtain surrounds you, you begin to forget
      F#                                  E  A
The hammer cracks, the iron core of your mind