Аккорды The Kingston Trio - One More Town

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[Verse 1]

            G        Bm   C       D     G
If there's one more town, I'll be going...
G                Bm       C       D
A fight for the winning, I'll be there.
            G        Bm     C      D
If there's one more song, I'll be singing.
C           Bm           C           G
I'm always going but I don't know where.
        Bm       C       D

[Verse 2]

        G         Bm          C       D
I spent seventeen years... in West... Virginia
G          Bm           C        D
Eight more years just a-running free.
        G          Bm            C            D
But the girls back home in their blue gingham dresses...
              C         A7    D7
only heard one thing... from me.

[Verse 3]

      G      Bm     C         D          G
Went down to New Orleans last summer...
     Bm         C                D
On a flat boat, working my way.
           G             Bm         C                 D
There were well-mannered ladies and streets that were shady,
               C              A7           D7
But for me, I never... could stay

[Verse 4]

       G         Bm     C      D        G
Sailed up to New York.. on a schooner...
      Bm        C            D
But I won't be staying there long.
           G            Bm     C               D         Am
There were bright city lights, girls in pink tights...
                    C               A7    D7
But their faces were all painted on. [Repeat Chorus and fade]