Аккорды The Lemon Twigs - Those Days Is Comin' Soon

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[Verse 1]
E         C#m       F#m
Finishing life with you
             B                       E
Would be the best thing I could ever do
    E             C#m    F#m
The days when I'm hardly movin'
            B                         E
Will be the saddest and they're comin' soon babe

E7                  E6
Blinding yes that's what they say
    Eadd#5       B
And I want it to stay that way

[Verse 2]
E              C#m        F#m
So put on your hat, don't stay
            B                      E
Don't wanna wait until I hate you again
E              C#m     F#m
Leave all your insects too
                 B                        E
'Cuz there'll be plenty crawlin' all over you

      E7            E6
We'll never have to fall apart or
Eadd#5              B
Leave each other or break our hearts

    E           C     B      E
But that's OK I don't really mind
  E                   C    B       E
A love like you isn't very hard to find
         E               D
Well I'm not the one for you
      G                      F#m
And I could have killed you, too
     B               A        B      F#m
Just like I did your aunt and uncle, Sue and Drew

G                 B
Beautiful blueish-greenish skies
     G                  B
Yes, this here day will serve us quite alright
G                  B
Gloominess, sadness, tears, and fear
Yeah, we'll have none of that, not here
     G              B
Just me and you and you and me
     G                B
'Cuz 2 is the perfect number 3?
G              B
3 would mean catastrophe
      G          B
Yeah, 3 would be silly

Am    G
C                        G
 "Hey!! Hey!!! Heyyyyy!! Hey!"
C C# D D#

[Verse 3]
    E             C#m          F#m
You left all your clothes in a bag
             B                                E
You might be wondering why I look like such a wreck
E             C#m    F#m
Spent all night in a chair
            B                               E
Well it was no use 'cuz you already weren't there

E7               E6
Here's to say surprise surprise
       Eadd#5          B           E
You'll rot a widow and die my wife