Аккорды The Lovin' Spoonful - Younger Generation

Добавлено: @romashka
Дата добавления: 17 Марта 2024г.
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Cmaj7 332000   Am   x02210
Dm7   x00211   Dm   x00231
G7    320001   D7   x00212
F     x33211   F/D  xx0211
F/E   xx2011   F/C  x33211
C/B   x20010


C/G (hit the E string and then the A)


Cmaj7                                    Dm7
Why must every generation think their folks are square?
G7                                          Cmaj7
And no matter where their heads are, they know mom's aint there.
C                                          Dm7
Cause' I swore when I was small, that I'd remember when,
G7                                         Cmaj7   C
I knew what's wrong with them, that I was smaller then.

Cmaj7                           Dm7
Determined to remember all the cardinal rules.
G7                                       Cmaj7
Like, sunshowers are legal grounds, for skipping school.
C                             Dm7
I know I have forgotten maybe one or two.
G7                                           Cmaj7   C
And I hope that I recall them all before the baby's do.
         Dm7             G7             C          Fmaj7   C
And I'll know he'll have a question or two.


       F    F/E  G7       C    C/B     Am
Like, hey        pop. Can I go ride my zoom?
        F           G               C        C/B    Am
It goes two hundred miles an hour, suspended on baloons.
     F           G               C         C/B   Am
And can I put a droplet of this new stuff on my tounge?
    Dm                                 D7
And imagine puffing dragons, while you sit and wreck your lungs.
    C            C/B            Am              Am/G
And I must be permissive, understanding of the younger generation.


    Cmaj7                                 Dm7
And then I know that all I've learned, my kid assumes.
    G7                            Cmaj7
And all my deepest worries must be his cartoons
    Cmaj7                              Dm7
And still I'll try to tell him all the things I've done,
  G7                            C  Cmaj7
Relating to what he can do when he becomes a man
    Dm7                   G7      Cmaj7   C
And still he'll stick his fingers in the fan.


     F    F/E  G7       C           C/B   Am
And hey        pop, my girlfriend's only three
       F                G               C     C/B  Am
She's got her own videophone and she's taking L  S D.
     F             G                          C     C/B      Am
And now that were best friends, she wants to give a taste to me
    Dm                          D7
But whats the matter daddy? How come you're looking at me?
       F       F/E       F/D     F/C     G7
Can it be that you can't live up to your dreams?