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Intro: C  G  Am  C  G      
 The carbonation in my drink  
 The bubbles rise while my heart sinks  
 Am                                  C G 
 And I'll I tend to do is think of you  
 Was it easier to pack your bags  
 And book that flight to paris as  
 Am                                   C G 
 The plane began to move that afternoon  
C G Am C G   
 When all the trains have pulled away  
 From local stations in decay  
 Am                                         C G 
 It's I who waits, it's you who's late again  
 And did you think of me when you made love  
 To him, was it the same as us  
 Am                                   C G 
 Or was it different, it must have been  
C G Am C G  
 C          G       C 
 And all the pretty dames  
        F        Am      G 
 They'll hug and kiss you all the same  
                F         C 
 And when they go, they're gone  
         Am  G   E    F 
 They're not run-ning late  
 C       G      C 
 Oh all, all the pretty dames  
 C             G             C 
 And the kids you hold in your arms  
      F     Am    G 
 With promises to protect them from harm  
             F          C 
 But they grow, and they go  
     Am     G  E  F 
 And you're all a-lone  
        C              G             C 
 All the kids, all the kids that you hold  
           C             G         C  
 And it's a shame that it ends this way  
      F       Am      G 
 With nothing left to say  
        F           C            Am G   E F 
 So just sit on your hands, while I walk aw-ay  
 C             G             C 
 It's a shame, it's a shame, it's a shame  
         C     G        C 
 When my hands begin to shake  
     F       Am           G 
 When bitterness is all I taste  
        F         C 
 And may car won't stop  
      Am G   E   F 
 Cause I cut the brakes  
   C            G          C 
 I hold on to a hope in my fate  
 C     G     C 
 Oh oh ah ah hey hey  
     F   Am        G 
 May you return to love one day  
      F            C 
 Well I hope and I pray  
     Am  G    E   F 
 You get what you gave  
 C     G     C 
 Oh oh ah ah hey hey  
Outro: C G C      
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