Аккорды The Pretty Reckless - Take Me Down

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Intro: E  G  D  E }x2 
 E                                        G 
Waitin' at these crossroads, Forever and a day, 
     D               E                       E  
On a guide to buy my soul, I spend all night and day 
         G                                              D    E  
How much harder can I play? You know I gave my life to rock'n'roll. 
 G  D E  
Mama begged me please,  Yes she got down on her knees, 
Said, "you'll burn in that Mississippi sun, 
"But I'm the only one that's standing here,   
So mama don't you have no fear, 
I'll be the last 'til I've already won, 
 G     D E  
Here I go: 
 E              D         A E  
Take me down, Take me down, 
 E              D               A  E  
Take me down, Won't you take me down? 
E  D  A  E }x2
Standin' at the crossroads, A dried up pen in hand, 
The conversation went like this: "Tell me your desire, 
"Why you pulled me from the fire," 
And we sealed the deal with a kiss. 

E  D  A  E }x2

Don't wanna raise the dead, Find a note that I can shred, 
On my walls I scrawl my Gods, Don't care what happens when I die, 
As long as I'm alive, All I wanna do is rock, rock, rock   
(extra maten E) 

E  D  A  E }x2
 E                             G                            D  E  
Sign with the devil Sign with the devil Sign with the devil, Oh x4 
Chorus x2
Outro: E  D  A  E