Аккорды The Raspberries - Ecstasy

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 B [drum fill]    (A5)

 B5   B5 A5 B5      B5  D5 D5  A5 A5   [2X]
      2: (ooh!)
 B5   B5 A5 B5      B5  D5 D5  E  F#       A
     (come on!)                   / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

 D                        F#m/C#              Bm          D/A
 When I think of all your lovin' it makes me shiver, yeah
                    G    /F#
 'Cause when I get home
       Em                  F#m    A
 Just wait 'til I get you alone


 When you touch me I'm in ecstasy
        F#/A#               Bm
 No one else could do the things you do
 /A       G
 Let me please you too
   Em7-5    A

 When you kiss me I'm in ecstasy
 No one else could make me feel this way
 Tell me that you'll stay
   Em7-5  [1: Asus4 A, to verse 2   2: A, to bridge   3: F#7, to coda]

Verse 2:

 When you wrap your love around me and move so gently, yeah
 I feel it begin
 Don't stop, I can feel my head spinning

[repeat chorus]


 B [drum fill]   B     D5  A5

 B5   B5  A5 B5        B5 D5  D5   A5
    Baby, baby, I just wanna make you
 B5      B5  A5  B5    B5 D5 D5
    Feel the way I do
     A5      B5  B5  A5  B5
 You got my backbone shakin'
         B5          D5 D5      E5 F#    A
 And my poor heart's   breakin' in two

[repeat chorus]


 Bm   D7/A         G      A
           Stay tonight
        Bb/F   Em7-5
 Stay tonight

 D D5/C   G/B        [4X w/handclaps; 3X w/band and guitar solo]
 / / / /   / / / /   D5/C: x3023x   G/B: x2003x

 D D5/C   G/B  F#
 / / / /   / / / /

 B5   B5 A5 B5      B5  D5 D5  A5 A5  [3X]

 Bsus2 (false ending)   B5