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Washington Square

[Em] [Am] [Em] [Am]

  Am   E   Am
From Cape Cod Light to the Mississip', to San-
  F         C
Francisco Bay. 
  E      A         E                 A
They're talkin' ' bout this famous place, 
  А         Em         Am
down Greenwich Village way. 
C                Am                       F
They hootenanny all the time with folks from
  C                             Am     F
Come Sunday morning, rain or shine, right in 
Em            Am
Washington Square.

 Am                                        F       C
And so I got my banjo out, just sitting, catching 
 E    A       E                 Am
And painted right across the case, 

'Greenwich Village or Bust!' 
     C                  Am                 F
My folks were sad to see me go, but I got no 
meaning there. 
Em    C                 Am          F
So, I said, goodbye, Kansas, Mo. and
          Em         Am
hello, Washington Square.

F      Bbm       Bbm
Near Tennessee, I met a guy who 
             F#    C#
played 12 string guitar. 
F    Bb   F      Bbm         F#
He also  had a mighty voice, not to 
Fm        Bbm
mention a car. 
      C#                Bbm
Each time he hit those bluegrass chords, you 
              F#      C#
sure smelled mountain air. 
F  C#                  Bbm
I said, don't waste it on the wind, come 
 F#      Fm       Bbm
on to Washington Square.
 F#  B             Bm               G
In New Orleans, we saw a gal a-walkin'
with no shoes. 
 F#m  Bm
And from her throat there comes a growl, she 
 G         Bm
sure was singin' the blues. 
      D             Bm                    G
She sang for all humanity, this gal with raven 
                      Bm             G     F#m
I said, it's for the world to hear, come to
Washington Square.

 Gm  Cm
We cannonballed into New York on good old 

G# Eb
US 1. 

  G      Cm                     G#
'Til up ahead we saw the arch, agleamin' 
bright in the sun. 
    Eb            Cm                        G#
As far as all the eye could see, ten thousand
folks were there. 
       Eb            Cm  Eb     G#
And singing in sweet harmony, right in 
 Gm         Cm
Washington Square.
 Cm            Gm       Cm
Let's go to Washington Square - come on to 
 Gm         Cm
Washington Square.