Аккорды Waxahatchee - Ruby Falls

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Key of C - Verses and Refrains
Key of G - Chorus

[Verse 1]
C                G
I take flight on borrowed time
  Am            Em
I was once terrified of heights
  Am              C                          G
I say a prayer, I look down and I'm ready to die
C             G
If you cross over tonight
    Am             Em
You see beyond the darkest sky
    Am                 C                   G
You taste the blood as something wild and alive

          F             C
You might light up in a flash
               C      Am
You won't hold onto a flame
       F              G                 C            Am
It's a squalid way to live but it's the rules of the game
         F                            C5
It ain't your fault it's just a shame
        G5      C
To fall without aim


   G  |  Am   C  |  Am   C  |   G   |

[Verse 2]
C                G
I walk down east seventh street
  Am               C
A wistful, wild de-pravity
 Am           C                          C
Iconoclastic, black and white, dusty and   sweet
  C               G
I tell this story every time
     Am                  C
Real love don't follow a straight line
   Am                   C                     G
It breaks your neck, it builds you a delicate   shrine

          F                  G
You might mourn all that you wasted
            C           Am
That's just part of the haul
         F                G                    C            Am
Tangling up all your good fortune, bearing the heart of the fall
          F              F5
You won't break it after all

        C           G
Look at us, man and bride
And a grinding sound
         C         G    D
Faithful to a life underground
             C       G                    D
And when the picture fades the years will make us calm
            C            G      D
I'll sing a song at your fune - ral
        C        G         D
Laid in the Mississippi gu - lf
             C      G         D
Or back home at Waxahatchee creek
         C         G         D
You know you got a friend in me
       C         G           D
I'm an angler married to the sea


 C   G  |   D   |  C  G  |   D  |
 C   G  |   D   |  C  G  |   D  |