Аккорды Yung Lean - Happy Feet

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Spiders on my feet but you be caught up in the web...
I be draped in Bur-Burberry
Late nights like the cemetery
Walking dead, look like F-Freddy
Cherry color painted Chevy
Draped in blood now, super scary
Got magic like I'm Ha-Harry
Dark magician, you a fairy
Hummer yellow, birds like Larry
I go too far like Jim-Jim Carrey
Кillеd them, it was necessary
I don't wanna get too heavy
Have her one night, bet you wanna marry
I'm off some shrooms in a place where you cannot be
Three jellyfish in a dungeon where reptiles be
I feel your love and I see it inside of me
Value your friendship, we drink 'til it's over, see
I got that laser, it's shooting right out of me
Red lava, red fish, red tablets, all growing free
You imbeciles try to be, but you cannot be
My money was small, but I made it grow rapidly, rapidly
Spiders on my feet but you be caught up in the web
I hear voices, I see signs, cannot let it go to my head
I don't wanna go on, if you die take me instead
I just spend a К up on a reptile in a bed
I made 600К, bet that's play money, we set
I got scars, no tissue, all my songs they hard like red
Save all your luxuries, bitch, I just need a check
Fuck with me again, I'll make them insects eat your head, ayy
Diamonds dance like Happy Feet, but happy ain't my set
Sadboys steal your shit, then we hop-hop up on a jet
I'm a silver worm, I hop out the earth, eat my meds
I am Lucifer, my universe won't let me rest