Аккорды Andy Shauf - My Dear Helen

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The tuning I've seen him use is C# Standard, with a capo on the 1st fret, but you can just tune to D. 

G |320xxx| 
C/G |332xxx|
E5 |022xxx| 
A5 |502xxx| 
C5 |334xxx| (Guitar Pro tells me it's a C5 but I don't think it actually is...) 
C |3320xx| 
Am/G |3322xx| 
D/A |554xxx|

Strumming pattern is pretty straight forward. 
Not hard to figure it out if you find a video of him playing it. 

G                           C/G
my dear Helen it's been a while since we've talked.
E5                         A5
Charlie and I haven't been up to a whole lot.
     C/G                          C5
he's slowing down a little and my knee's acting up,
           C                               Am/G
yeah we're quite a pair of geezers moving slower than molasses.
         C/G                          D/A
you'd be laughing if you saw us, you always loved to tease.

  G                              C/G
I dug up an old bottle of your raspberry wine,
        E5                                   A5
so I'm slouched out on the porch-swing just taking my time.
   C/G                          C5
my mind keeps turning out these pictures of you,
         C                                  Am/G
you were dancing in the kitchen and I was enjoying my view.
    C/G                       D/A
oh Charlie was squirming just two steps behind you. 

G                      C/G
my dear Helen do you remember when you said
              E5                                A5
that you'd be waiting at the gates so you could sneak me in?
        C/G                            C5
well it sure was funny but it still caught in my throat,
           C                            Am/G
and when I think about it now, it still makes me choke.
       C/G                               D/A
and I wonder if those gates would ever open up for me.

G                        C/G
Helen my dear, I do have something to tell.
  E5                             A5
I don't know how to start so I guess I just will.
            C/G                              C5
see, these nights have been hot, it's that muggy sort of air.
        C                           Am/G
doesn't let me get to sleep so I usually just lie there
    C/G                   D/A
on top of my quilt with Charlie by my feet.

     G                         C/G
last night as I laid there frustrated and tired,
      E5                        A5
I was sat up in my bed by the hens starting wild.
           C/G                                 C5
I thought, 'that fox is back again, he's gonna rob me blind.
          C                           Am/G
I don't know how he gets in but I'd better make him fly'.
     C/G                            D/A
so I took my leaning rifle out the door.

  G                         C/G
I fired off a shot aiming far into the heat.
        E5                            A5
and as soon as it was flying I felt weak in my knees.
        C/G                             C5
I heard shoes turning gravel and then tires spitting rocks.
          C                     Am/G
I heard a gasp for air and my stomach tied in knots.
  C/G                              C5
Charlie started whining with his tail between his legs.
    C                         Am/G
we wandered out slow but my heart was breakin' ribs.
     C/G                                  C5
I couldn't hear nothing and there was a girl lying twisted,
    C                          Am/G
my hands were trembling and I felt that she was limp.
      C/G                            C5
her pulse wasn't tapping so I felt sick to my stomach.
  C                       Am/G
Charlie was frozen, so I went for a shovel
        C/G                      C5
and I buried her body, I didn't know what else to do.
            C                                  Am/G
if I'd only aimed a little higher if I'd only thought before I fired.
       C/G                         C5
I hope God can forgive me, I hope you forgive me too,
            C                    Am/G
I'm just a tired old man just waiting to join you.
     C/G                        C5
so here I am slouched on this old porch swing,
  C                               Am/G
thinking about heaven, thinking about everything.
        C/G                               C5
so be waiting by those gates, you might need to sneak me in,
          C                           Am/G
I don't know how they feel about us accidental killers.
          C/G                         C5
I don't know how they feel about us tired old men.
          C                            Am/G
I don't know how they feel about us tired, old, murdering men.

C/G  C5 

          C                            Am/G
I don't know how they feel about us tired, old, murdering men.