Аккорды Andy Shauf - Open

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Capo 5- he uses capo 6 
with halfstep-down tuning.).

The main chords through the song are:
C G Am Em F - G Am Em F

Here's how I play them to sound the same as he plays it.

C  x32010
G  320xxx
Am 002210
Em 022000
F  133211

Darling open your eyes, the sun came up it's just disguised
with a rain coat on he'll keep a fire inside
without your glasses you're blind, you took them off so you could find
a brand new way to see familiarity
you've gotta open up your eyes to see
you've gotta open up your eyes to see, to see

and on a hill that you climbed near summer's end by autumn's side
you gazed into a universal sky
and lost in deeper thought you found a way to understand
past the ticking clock strapped to the back of your hand
you said time will never wait for me
time will never wait for me, so wait for me

do you see the white lights the blue sky borrowed from the night
retired long ago but still are shining bright
and when you told me tomorrow never comes quite soon enough
I remember saying what about today
yeah we are here today, tomorrow always seems so far away.