Аккорды Bettie Serveert - Heaven

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Intro: D G Bm A x5

D             G                         D
I was looking thru the portholes out on Heaven.
                   G                  Em   G
Wondering what the hell I am going to do.
D                 G                            D
When the minister walks in and speaks the word "11".
                     G              Em  G                
Saying that there is nothing left to choose.
Em            G    Em                      G
What a stupid fool, let's send 'em back to school.
         D G      Bm   A             D
But it's alright, now, 'cause I'm in Heaven.

A                 G                D
You don't need to express your admiration,
A                  G                  D       A       Bm
'cause holiness is something that you have or haven't got
       D        G                      A
and it can't be bought, no it can't be bought.

D              G            D
Someone oughta save me from salvation,
               G              Em    G
someone oughta see the things I've done.
D                     G                     D
They never would have given me this strange vocation,
D               G          Em G
sitting in this happy, holy sun.
Em               G    Em                      G
I'm not the only one, who likes to get things done.
         D G     Bm   A             D
But it's alright now, 'cause I'm in Heaven.

A                    G                  D
I think I burned the dresses of all the angels.
A                   G                     D        A     Bm
Their plastic wings were all destroyed by just one dirty look
             D      G                     A
and that was all it took, that was all it took.

         D G     Bm   A             D      G  Bm  A
But it's alright now, 'cause I'm in Heaven.          x4