Аккорды Cuff The Duke - Anti-Social

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Intro: Am

Am                                               G        Am  
Anti-social friends of mine hang themselves with fishing line
                   C                   G         Am
They wait for time...waiting alone isn't bad I find
Am                                               G    Am
And coming from a broken home doesn't help their overtone
                    C                  G         Am  
Knock down each day...all there dreams will fade away


I live my life like a story line and
                         G      Am 
What you've said you've said before
                  C                      G       Am
Each day's a bore...each day we wait for so much more
I dream a dream that's failed before
                               G       Am
I live this life cause there's nothing more
                   C                            G         Am
So close your eyes...and dream of the days when we were alive

G F    
Am G Dm C  | 4x

Trapped inside this hole of mine 
                     G       Am
No guidance from the great divine
                    C                       G        Am
He helps simple men...but simple men don't know they can!
Now in a daze the light has arrived
                               G        Am 
I'm feeling the pain that you have derived
                   C                            G    Am   
It's a boring song...but it will decide whether I go on!

G          Am G
What can I say
                 Am G
That hasn't been said?
           Am G
What can I say 
That hasn't been said?

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