Аккорды Elton John - The Wide-Eyed And Laughing

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[Verse 1]

Gm                                        Ab
Are you still in control of the boat that you row
Bb                                   Cm
Or do you still cling to me when its sinking
Gm                            Ab
I never condemned you, I only consoled you
Bb                         Cm
When candlelight made me a King

Fm                             G
For the wide-eyed and laughing passed like a season
Ab        Gm         Cm
Erasing a passion to sin
Fm                              G
For no one knew better than the tealeaves and the tarots
Ab                     Ddim          Ab       Eb   Fm           Cm
That the wide-eyed and laughing were just one step ahead of the wind

[Verse 2]
Gm                                                    Ab
And the hearts that you played on the porch swing for me
Bb                               Cm
Was a song that I'd heard in the past
Gm                               Ab
For I had an audience somewhere inside you
Bb                          Cm
That applauded whenever you laughed

[Verse 3]
Gm                               Ab
Gone is a word that I now rarely use
Bb                                 Cm
Though sometime in the course of a day
Gm                          Ab
I go racing back like a man possessed
Fm                                              G
By the wide-eyed and laughing daughters of some different age