Аккорды Gaither Vocal Band - Had It Not Been

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     G           C                G
Just suppose God searched through heaven
             G                   D
And couldn't find one willing to be 
    G            C             G
The supreme sacrifice that was needed 
        G           D                G
Just to buy eternal life for you and me 

       C                              G
Had it not been for a place called Mount Calvary 
        G                           D
Had it not been for the old rugged Cross 
            C                        G
And had it not been for a man called Jesus 
       G        D             G
Then forever my soul would be lost 

       G                C                   G
I'm so glad that he was willing to drink his bitter cup 
            G                                 D
Although he prayed, "Father, let it pass from me."
           C                               G
And I'm so glad he didn't call to heaven's angels 
            G                 D                  G
"From these hands, pull these nails that torment me"