Аккорды Johnny Cash - Cry, Cry, Cry

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A B7 E
 Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down,
                                    F#7      B7
 I think you only live to see the lights up town,
 I wasted my time when I would try try try,
      A                                        B7      E
 cos when the lights have lost their glow you cry cry cry
 Soon your sugar daddy's will all be gone,
                                  F#7         B7
 you'll wake up some cold day and find your alone,
 you'll call for me but I'm gonna tell you bye bye bye,
         A                                B7      E
 when I turn around and walk away you'll cry cry cry,
 Your gonna cry cry cry,
 and you'll cry alone
       A                           E
 when everyones forgotten an your left on your own 
              B7          E
 you're gonna cry cry cry
[Guitar Solo]
  E A E B7 E
 I lie awake at night an wait till you come in,
                                       F#7    B7
 you stay a little while and then your gone again
 every question that I ask I get a lie lie lie
       A                            B7      E
 for every lie you tell your gonna cry cry cry
 When your fickle love gets old no one will care for you
                                           F#7        B7
 Then you'll come back to me for a little love thats true
 I'll tell you no an then you'll ask me why why why
 when I remind you of all this 
             B7      E
 your gonna cry cry cry
 Your gonna cry cry cry and you'll want me then
          A                          E
 it will hurt when you think of the fool you've been
             B7      E
 your gonna cry cry cry
A A B7 E E E