Аккорды Lindemann - Skills In Pills

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If you want to die
Or if you want to chill
Even if you want to get high
Whatever happens - take a pill
The first I take against depression
The second is pure energy
The green one for my self-agression
A                        D
Than the red one – extasy
A                     D
Extasy, -sy, -sy, -sy

Am             Em
All the left is right
F                 Cm   Bm     
All the black is white
Am             Em
All the fast walk slow
F                 G   G#    
All the loose is tight
Am             Em
All the heat is snow
F                 Cm Bm     
All the high was low
Am             Em
All the grief is fun
F                 G          G#    
All the, all the rain is sun
Skills in pills

If the jake gets really strong
The pink one goes with boobs and blow
I keep fucking all night long
Orange is for... I don't know
Grey one for my perfect sleep
Yellow for my need for puke
The blue one keeps my boner steep
I take two, just to be sure

Chorus (x2)

The white one for whatever pain
In the end I start to cry
So I take the first again
I have a last one
And I hope to die
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