Аккорды Песни из мультфильмов - Luna's Future (из мультфильма "My Little Pony")

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Am      G                F       
I see a cold wind blowing through
Am       G            F
I see days neither fun nor free
Am       G             F
I see a future caused by you 
Am       G              F 
I see a path not meant to be

Dm                F              C 
The future should be filled with magic
C           G                 Am 
Dreams and wishes brought to life
C    Dm                       C 
But the days ahead are dark and tragic
C           F               G
No time for hope when all is strife

Am            F       Em 
Whatever might have been
F                          Em 
All the dreams that ponies share
F                Em 
Because of you, Snowfall Frost
Dm                     F        Am 
Now the future is a cold nightmare