Аккорды Прикольные песни - Steven Wallace

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Am F C G Am

[Verse 1]
F        C        G          Am
He was a good boy, said the priest
      F              C       G        Am
As we stood round the casket, at our feet
         F              C    G         Am
What the preacher don't know, couldn't hurt
       F          C           G        Am
As we lowered my brother down into the dirt
     F             C         G           Am
When we were young boys, our mother was so proud
     F           C            G          Am
Now I can't find work within 100 miles of town
F         C    G           Am
This is a tale devoid of all hope
     F        C            G         Am
That ended in tears at the end of a rope

[Verse 2]
    F              C           G            Am
It starts with the cliche of a pretty girl's smile
    F         C        G         Am
He tried to resist but it was futile
      F            C      G              Am
First time we knew Billy loved the young lass
    F                 C          G       Am
The sheriff caught em smiling at Sunday Mass
        F              C         G          Am
Sheriff spoke to young Billy against dating her,
   F            C          G           Am
It fell on deaf ears, they could not deter
F          C            G           Am
Billy from pledging his life and his vows
   F         C           G          Am
Of love to a colour the law don't allow

[Verse 3]
F             C         G          Am
Bill and his love were out on the lamb
     F            C            G           Am
They ran from the law, the law ran after them
  F               C               G           Am
I heard from the Sheriff, they'd hunted them down
     F          C            G             Am
When I told my ma, she ran straight out of town
     F          C             G           Am
Meanwhile Billy heard someone coming at a run
   F               C          G             Am
He stomped out the fire, and pulled out his gun
  F            C         G              Am
A noise in the dark, and crack went his shot
        F         C            G            Am
But the wiley old sheriff, the noise it was not
     F     C             G        Am
Old law he smart, caught us in a trick
      F          C             G           Am
Knew I'd tell my mother, she'd find Billy quick

[Verse 4]
        F          C            G           Am
The law had em surrounded, our couple held hands,
       F             C            G               Am
They'd fight back-to-back as they made their last stand,
       F             C            G           Am
But he felt his love fall, as she gave a great sigh
     F           C        G                Am
Collapsed to his knees as tears filled his eyes,
       F           C       G              Am
Looked down at the cost as dawn filled the sky
    F          C          G           Am
His ma and his wife, and gave a great cry
    F          C            G           Am
"Oh father forgive me, for what I have done,"
    F              C          G           Am
He closed both his eyes as he lifted his gun,
     F               C       G           Am
Law snatched Billy's pistol away from his head,
      F          C            G        Am
Ain't that easy son, its the gallows instead

C          G          F           Am
My brother Billy, was such a fine man
C            G          F           Am
Quick with a smile, and fast draw of hand
        C             G             F            Am
But the fight that he lost, and the price that it cost
C          G         Am
It put him into the grave

[Verse 5]
    F        C           G        Am
Now I shovel dirt, down into the grave
    F        C        G           Am
Of William McPhee, so loving and brave
      F          C       G         Am
"I'll get revenge Billy, I promise you,
       F          C                     G           Am
On our daddy, the sherriff, if it's the last thing I do"
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