Аккорды Прикольные песни - Все идет по плану (Everything is planned) (на англ.)

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  Am       F        C           E
A border's key is broken by two parts
And the Father Lenin is absolutely dead
He has divided into rubbish and a very good thing
And perestroika always goes and goes as planned
And all dirt was transformed into gray ice
    E             Am      FC
And everything is planned  (2 times)

And my destiny wanted to have an endless rest
I have promised her not to take part in the war
But on my service cap there's sickle, hammer and a star
How it is pretty: a sickle, and a hammer, and a star
The waiting light is wounding by the wind
And everything is planned  (2 times)

They have fed all crowd by my only wife
With a worldwide fist they have broken her bosom
With a worldwide freedom they have broken her flesh
So you must make her rest in peace
?cause everything is planned  (2 times)

And only Father Lenin was very good man
And all other people is such a big shit
And all other are enemies and such a fucking fools
It was snowing over our native Fatherland
I have bought "Korea" magazine - there?s very good too
There?s mister Kim Ir Sen, all we have, they have the same
I am sure that they have all the same
And everything is planned  (2 times)

When the communism will be, it will be fucking good
It will come so soon, you must only wait
Everything will be free there, and all?ll be by kife
And you even needn?t die while communism will be
I woke up in the night and understood
That everything is planned  (2 times)
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