Аккорды Slim Dusty - The Decimal Currency Pub

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E   B7  E

      E                             B7
Snowy Jackson was a ringer from the outback settlement
How could he know we changed over to the dollar and the cent?
       A                            E
It was fifteen months or over since money he had spent
       B7                                                  E
So, we thought its time he headed where his elbow could be bent.

A                       A7                 D
He was bent alright. He really got himself twisted.

        D                               A7
Now the pub looked real inviting as the town came into view
It had seen a lot of fighting since the days when it was new
      G                                   D
Snowy hoped those days were over he was a now a peaceful bloke
       A7                                                 D
All he wanted was to drink with mates and to have a quiet smoke.

E                                     B7  E
But things never turned out that way.

         E                            B7
When the barmaid said a dollar, for a round of sparkling beer
He thought she was mistaken, or she must be going queer
         A                             E
Thinking five bob was a dollar and her adding rather strange
   B7                                                 E
He handed her the money and said, "honey, keep the change."

                A                                      A7   D
Keep the change,  this is where the situation changed.

    D                         A7
She grabbed by the collar and said "now come on son,
You heard me say a dollar now I've got no time for your   fun"
    G                             D
The bouncer came at Snowy, and he landed in a pile
   A7                                                   D
It sort of came from nowhere and it sort of cramped his style.

E                           B7  E
He was now a mangled mass.

    E                              B7
The barmaid must be crazy, and the bouncer must be mad
he reckoned that the trouncing was the worst he'd ever had
   A                               E
He picked himself up later just to make his way back home
   B7                                                           E
He said at least that’s one place where I'm safe and I'm alone.

        A                    A7  D
Ah well,  here’s the payoff.

  D                              A7
Before he trudged on homeward, a notice caught his eye
what it had to say would be enough to make a ringer cry
       G                           D
It was written in plain English he though well here’s the rub
  A7                                                  D
I didn't know that I'd been inside a decimal currency pub.

        D                          G
Now the old days are gone with the pounds and the pence
   A7                                   D
We now shout for mates with dollars and cents
But we fondly recall, the old days round here
        A7                N.C.               D      G   D
When we lined up together at the pub with no beer.