Аккорды Steely Dan - Almost Gothic

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|Amaj7   C#m7     |               |Amaj7     C#m7      |            |

|Amaj7    B7      |Amaj7   C#m7   |Gbsus2/Bb    Bsus2      | 

Eb13add9              Db13add9          Gm7 
       I'm working on gospel time these days
      Dm7    Gm7      Dm7    Gm7            Dm7      
(The summer      the summer      this could be 
    Gm7              Dm7
the cool part of the summer)

Dbmaj7                              Cm7                    
      The sloe-eyed creature in the reckless room
 she's so severe
  D7/Eb                  G7sus4/D
A wise child walks right out of here 
Dmaj7                Cmaj7-5  Cmaj7
I'm so excited I can barely   cope 
    Bmaj7            Amaj7-5
I'm sizzling like an isotope 
       Emaj7   Abm7        Emaj7              
I'm on fire so cut me some slack 
Abm7            Gmaj7   D6             Gmaj7   D6
First she's way gone    then she comes back 
Gmaj7     D6            Gmaj7          F#m7
She's all business then she's ready to play 
Bmaj7        Absus4/Eb   Absus2/C    Dbsus2
She's almost gothic in a natural way 

|Amaj7   Emaj7   |Amaj7-5      |

Eb13add9           Db13add9             Gm7
     This house of desire is built foursquare 
     Dm7    Gm7      Dm7        Gm7         Dm7
(The city -      the cleanest kitten in the city) 
Dbmaj7                               Cm7             Bbmaj7
       When she speaks it's like the slickest song I ever heard 
    D7/Eb           G7sus4/D
I'm hanging on her every word
Dmaj7                 Cmaj7-5    Cmaj7
As if I'm not already blazed  en ough
    Bmaj7            Amaj7-5
She hits me with the cryptic stuff 
           Emaj7       Abm7    Emaj7
That's her style - to jerk me around 
Abm7            Gmaj7  D6/9             Gmaj7    Dmaj9
First she's all feel   then she cools down 
Gmaj7      D6/9           Gmaj7           F#m7
She's pure science with a splash of black cat 
Bmaj7            Ab7sus4/Eb    Absus2/C     Dbsus2
    She's almost gothic and I  like it like that 

  Am9      D7/Eb        Fmaj7-5/A  D7/Eb            |Am9     D7/Eb    |
        In this dark place so   thrilling  and new 

|Fmaj7-5/A   D7/Eb     |

     Gm7     C9       Gm7      C9    Amaj7/B
It's kind of like the opposite of an aerial view 
  Fmaj9            C9      
Unless I'm totally wrong
Bbmaj7-5            Amadd9               |E9       |D6/9    |
         I hear her rap and brother it's strong 

|Abm7sus4  Db/Eb   |Abm7sus4  Db/Eb    |Abm7sus4  Db/Eb     |Abm7sus4  Db/Eb  |    

|Gm7sus4     C/D   |Gm7sus4     C/D    |Gm7sus4     C/D     |Gm7sus4     C/D  |

Dbmaj7                               Cm7           Bbmaj7
     I'm pretty sure that what she's telling me is mostly lies 
    D7/Eb              G7sus4/D
But I just stand there hypnotized 
Ebmaj7                        Dbmaj7
    I'll just have to make it work somehow 
    Cmaj9/6     Bbmaj7-5
I'm in the amen corner now 
          Fmaj7      Am7         Fmaj7   
's called love -   I spell L -U- V 


Am7             Abmaj7   Ebmaj9/6         Abmaj7   Ebmaj9/6
First she's all buzz     then she's noise-free 
Abmaj7             Ebmaj9/6          Abmaj7     Gm7
    She's bubbling over then there's nothing to say 
Cmaj7           A7sus4/E     Asus2/C#  Dadd9   
   She's almost gothic in a natural   way 

|Bbmaj7    Fmaj7     |Bbmaj7    
                             She's old 
Abmaj7   Ebmaj9/6        Abmaj7    Ebmaj9/6
school   then she's like young 
Abmaj7   Ebmaj9/6      Abmaj7          Ebmaj9/6
Little   Eva meets the Bleecker Street brat 
Cmaj7               A7sus4/E        Asus2/C#    Dadd9
       She's almost gothic but it's better than that 

|Bbmaj7   Fmaj7     |Bbmaj7   Bb6     |E13add9        |

|D13add9               |Dmaj7   Gm7addC…….