Аккорды Steely Dan - Lunch With Gina

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|F9           |Ebmaj9        |G            |              |

|F9           |              |Cm9  F/Bb    |Eb/Ab  C/F G/C|

That must be her again

She's leaning on my bell

That cold psychotic brain

The one I know so well

       Dm7sus4       G7           Bb/C      F6
So I'm nailed to the floor in the no-option zone

              Bbmaj7   E7-9+5             Ebmaj7    D7-5
There's about zero     chance she'll give up and go home

     F9           Ebmaj7
This endless afternoon

   Gm13                 Gm7
It started on the day I met her

F9         Ebmaj7     Gm13
Lunch with Gina is forever

She's coming round the corner

Her body's just a blur

I peel out like The Flash

It don't mean boo to her

     Dm7sus4   G7           Bb/C            F6
So I duck into Nino's-she's barred from the place

    Bbmaj7   E7-9+5         Ebmaj7      D7-5
The minute I walk out she's right in my face

      F9              Ebmaj9
She's got nothing but time

No use in trying to be clever

F9         Ebmaj9             Ebmaj7   A7+9+5
Lunch with Gina is forever

        Dbmaj7/C  C  
Now I'm in my a  partment

    B/C             Bb/C
The blinds down the lights out

    A/C             Ab/C
The phone rings God help me

        D7+9   Dbmaj7
There's nobody home

  Ab/G          G7
I crouch on the carpet

    Gb/G           F/G
Not breathing just being

     Bb7         Ebmaj7       Eb7  Abmaj7
Like meat on the bone

|G             |             |              |              |

|C11           |             |G7            |               |

|Dm7sus4  G6  |Bb/C   F6     |Bbmaj7  E7-9+5   |Ebmaj7  D7-5   |

|F9           |Ebmaj7         |

I'm in a cozy booth

Maybe my watch is fast

Another Tanqueray

I'll wait till twenty past

    Dm7sus4     G6          Bb/C        F6
I'm about to go postal when she waltzes in

  Bbmaj7        E7-9+5       Ebmaj7       D7-5
I guess she's a knockout-hey where have I been?

    F9           Ebmaj9
The waiter never comes

Gm13                           Gm7
God knows the service could be better

F9         Ebmaj9      Gm13
Lunch with Gina is for ever

F9           Ebmaj13      Gm13
Coffee and a kiss

Maybe later maybe never

F9         Ebmaj7       Gm13
Lunch with Gina...

Repeat and fade.