Аккорды Tears For Fears - Goodnight Song

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Intro: F C/E C F C/E C Am
Verse one: 
         F         C/E
Here on   the stage the time has come
F              C/E
With the strains on "Be My Angel" of rock in 2/4
F             C/E
Time may keep alive that old swan song
C           Am          Gsus4
That we've been playing forever
           Am             C
'Till the time may be right to say goodbye
F              C/E     Am
My voice is aching,     I'm tongue tired,
F                    G
And the sounds we are making are so...

Goodnight song
C         Am
Played so  wrong
F           C/E
Blame the crowd
They scream so loud so long

Dm C

Verse two: 
Get some honesty
       Gsus4 G      Am
Take the best of me and then the rest let go
In every situation with its tireless rage
         Gsus4         G          Am
Step outside your cage and let the real fool show 
(the real fool show)
I should have stayed 'round to break the ice
I thought about it once or twice
       Am                      A
But nothing ever changes unless there's some pain and our...

(Chorus - repeat to fade)
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