Аккорды The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Cause I Love Her

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She said i love you
     Am               C
and i know it cant be wrong
          Am             C
cause ive waited for so long
           G    C G
ive waited for you

he says "oh"....
    Am                      C
girl you best run for your life
 Am                      C
cause i'll never take a wife
Am                       C
i live along with all my strife,
   G   C   G
im unrepented

and i said i love you
        Am                C
all the tears that i have cried
       Am                C
many years aftere theyve dried
       Am                 C
i will be there by your side because
  G       C G
i love her
C    G C    G
yes i do, you?

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