Аккорды The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who Dreams of Cats?

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Em C A - x4
[Куплет 1]
Em               C             A
You said you're leavin', it's time to be free
          Em     C    A
Are you free of me at last
Em        C               A
Am I so mean that you're haunting my dreams
            Em           C            A
This could mean it's a little played fact
[Куплет 2]
Em         C            A
It wasn't wise but the snow pierced the sky
          Em     C                  A
But the sound disappeared with your tent
Em           C              A
You get the town but you're so big and round
          Em            C        A
And the snow was spiraling our lamps
C G A - x4
[Куплет 3]
Em              C            A
You're just a work for some other croutons
              Em              C           A
Something's wrong with you, clearly love lasts
Em           C   A
Heart suffering lives every night and then
              Em            C          A
Once you're grounded you're feeling so fast
[Куплет 4]
Em            C                A
You probably know when you're running insane
           Em        C           A
Probably learn from meeting two hearts
Em        C               A
Then I tried to take the money to save
             Em           C          A
From here, darling, it's all so small now
C G A - x2
Em C A - x2

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