Аккорды The Clancy Brothers - Wild Colonial Boy

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      C             F               G7             C  
There was a wild colonial boy, Jack Duggan was his name 
                          G    G7                          C  
He was born and raised in Ireland, in a place called Castlemaine 
                    G    G7                          C  
He was his father's only son, his mother's pride and joy 
                   F                G      G7     C  
And dearly did his parents love the wild colonial boy 
       C            F                G7              C  
At the early age of sixteen years he left his native home 
                   G     G7                        C  
And to Australia's sunny shore, he was inclined to roam 
                       G          G7                     C  
He robbed the rich, he helped the poor, he shot James MacEvoy 
               F              G      G7     C  
А terror to Australia was the wild colonial boy   
    C              F            G7            C  
One morning on the prairie, as Jack he rode along 
                   G       G7                         C  
A-listening to the mocking bird, a-singing a cheerful song 
                     G         G7                   C  
Up stepped a band of troopers: Kelly, Davis and Fitzroy 
                    F                G      G7     C  
They all set out to capture him, the wild colonial boy 
  C                 F               G7                 C  
Surrender now, Jack Duggan, for you see we're three to one 
                 G           G7                         C  
Surrender in the King's high name, you are a plundering son 
                      G        G7                          C  
Jack drew two pistols from his belt, he proudly waved them high 
                    F                   G      G7     C  
I'll fight, but not surrender, said the wild colonial boy 

   C               F            G7                 C  
He fired a shot at Kelly, which brought him to the ground 
                     G      G7                  C  
And turning round to Davis, he received a fatal wound 
                     G           G7                           C  
А bullet pierced his proud young heart, from the pistol of Fitzroy 
                      F                 G      G7     C  
And that was how they captured him, the wild colonial boy