Аккорды The Clancy Brothers - Johnson's Motor Car (feat. Tommy Makem)

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  C                                           G7    C
T’was down by Brannigan's Corner, one morning I did stray 
                          F            C
I met a fellow rebel, and to me he did say 
                                     F           C
"We've orders from the captain to assemble at Dunbar 
                                       G7    C
But how are we to get there, without a motor car?" 
       C                                          G7         C
"Oh, Barney dear, be of good cheer, I'll tell you what we'll do 
                                        F          C
The specials they are plentiful but the I.R.A. are few 
                                F                 C
We'll send a wire to Johnson to meet us at Stranorlar 
                                                        G7    C
And we'll give the boys a bloody good ride in Johnson's Motor Car 
     C                                         G7     C
When Doctor Johnson heard the news he soon put on his shoes 
                                      F             C
He says this is an urgent case, there is no time to lose 
                                  F               C
He then put on his castor hat and on his breast a star 
                                                        G7    C
You could hear the din all through Glenfin of Johnson's Motor Car 
    C                                              G7     C
But when he got to the railway bridge, some rebels he saw there 
                                      F               C
Old Johnson knew the game was up, for at him they did stare 
                             F               C
He said "I have a permit, to travel near and far" 
                                                G7    C
"To hell with your English permit, we want your motor car" 
      C                                       G7       C
"What will my local brethren think, when they hear the news 
                                        F            C
My car it has been commandeered, by the rebels at Dunluce" 
                                      F                 C
"We'll give you a receipt for it, all signed by Captain Barr 
                                                        G7    C
And when Ireland gets her freedom, boy, you'll get your motor car" 
 C                                           G7     C
Well we put that car in motion and filled it to the brim 
                                     F                C
With guns and bayonets shining which made old Johnson grim 
                                            F                C
And Barney hoisted a Sínn Fein flag, and it fluttered like a star 
                                                      G7    C
And we gave three cheers for the I.R.А. and Johnson's Motor Car.