Аккорды The Kingston Trio - Molly Dee

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C              F          C                            G7
I got a gal in Tennessee, sweetest little gal that you ever did see.
C                  F            C                  G7      C
Works all day in a cotton mill. Makes her gin in a bathtub still.

C            F            C                    G7
Here we go, 'round again. Singing a song about Molly Dee. 
C                    Bb    C                  G7        C
Far away, I know not where she's the girl who waits for me.

C                 F             C                         G7
My true love's in Memphis town. Pretty little thing named Sally Brown.
C                   F          C                      G7    C
Travels around on a riverboat. Shares her room with a billy goat!


C                        F              C                    G7
Spending my money, gonna drink it away. I'll start saving on another day.
C                      F
Wasting my time in the Silver Dollar.
C                        G7        C
Pinch them girls just to hear them holler.

(Final Chorus)