Аккорды Waxahatchee - Half Moon

Добавлено: @romashka
Дата добавления: 24 Марта 2024г.
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Tuning: Standard

Figure 1:
    D        D/E      D         D/E               D          D/E        D         D/E        
e:----------------------------------------      ---------------------------------------------
b:----------------------------------------      ------2-2--------2-2--------2-2-------2--2---
G:----------------------------------------  OR  --2---2-2--------2-2----2---2-2-------2--2---
D:--------7--------7---------7---------7--      --0---0-0--0-----0-0--0-0---0-0-0-----0--0-0-
A:--5-----5--7-----7--5------5--7------7--      -------------2-----2--------------2------2---
E:----------------------------------------      -------------0-----0--------------0------0---
    Piano-style (how it was recorded)             more "guitareque" approach if you prefer^^


Curious impulse drifting slow in a state
In the darkness, in music, our imperfect escape
         D            D/E         D      D/E   (see Fig. 1)
You're a good girl, a daughter of liars avenged
        D            D/E            D         D/E
And you paint such a picture, the departed, unhinged you make a splash

        D         E                A
You're adored by strangers through glass
When we fuck up our rhythm this idea is a curse
I invite myself in and I think I kissed you first
         D              D/E         D            D/E   (see Fig. 1)
But this glimpse at the past, it is tattered and trite
    D                D/E          D             D/E         E   (see Fig. 1)
Our love tastes like sugar but it pulls all the life out of me

       D   E   A
Out of me
You cry to an old friend, to a hole in your heart
To a ghost in the fading strokes of your glorious art
        D              D/E           D          D/E   (see Fig. 1)
And she lied when she said she would call you today
             D          D/E           D             D/E           E
And you know I couldn't blame her the pain that you make it never dies

          D       E          A
I hung it up in a wistful disguise

D  D/E  D  D/E  (see Fig. 1)
D  D/E  D  D/E  (see Fig. 1)
D   E   A