Аккорды Bon Iver - Hinnom, TX

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The same chords are used throughout the song:  F, C, Am, G


F C (ring out)
Am G (ring out)
G Am F (ring out)

(Very distant singing during intro)

Fall in fall out
fall along

The same chord progression repeats throughout, although it has a slightly different timing than the intro.

          F                   C
In the first of light

             Am            G
past the Noachide

G                  Am                   F
      bodies wrapped in white

               F                C
stranded every pain

          Am                   G
baby, pasts are slain

G                 Am                     F
      I got outta La Grangeâ ¦

in Hinnom

C                  Am
all this time

                G                   G
with your heart in mind

                 Am       F
didnâ  t you edit

in Hinnom

C                   Am
go, the least

             G                     G
and the precious feast

            Am       F
the in-vetted

(These two parts are sung together to the same chord pattern and timing as the rest of the song)

sand it starts to steal
dirt and ice imbed in cheeks
in the potterâ  s field

solar peace
well it swirls and sweeps
you just set it

(Same with these)

strangers scattering
nether passage in the wind
off pennant tension ring

armor, down
on the wettest ground
not to vet it