Аккорды Grace Petrie - Farewell to Welfare

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She plays with Capo on 2 
     G   D     C (D)
It's never too late
to re-capture the benefits of section 28, and it's
never too wild, 
to slash beneifts for single mums - the only victim is the child, and i'll say

C           D      G (walk down to) Em      (D)
who's gonna be, my martin luther king? and i'll say
C           D            Em    (D)
who's gonna be my harvey milk?
C                   D                  G (walk down to) Em (D)
and on the steps of parliament they're demonstrating,
  C          D
but what's the use when they're all cut from the same eton silk
         C             D       (G D C) x2
i'll say farewell, farewell to welfare

and we've got a recession to beat
so lets put more money in the monarchy and the millionairre in downing street 
and someone's got to foot the bill
let's start with the disabled and the mentally ill

and if i keep my receipts, will i claim back the mistakes
and the lives ruined by this government? 
or in another 18 years of budget cuts and tears
will the people pay for those just like we pay your rent

and say farewell, farewell, to welfare

so give me change give me equality
give me a minister for women that dont represent me
give me a decent honest nick who's on the level
until the first glimpse of power make a deal with the devil

and you tell me that this is democracy
and you tell  me that it aint no old boys club
and as the thousands march on westminster
look how quickly their demands are snubbed

C    D           G
and you ask me, where is the youth vote? well they didn't let me in
       D     C
so you'll find me in the pub

making a toast to ghost of welfare

[this bit goes slower]
  C  D(hammer on and off high e) G-> Em (D)
and I used to dream of a britain where i'dbe proud to bring up kids
these days i'd settle for a britain where i'd be allowed to bring up kids
 C cshapeup2frets   G-> Em (D)
and mrs may, if i may, be so bold as to say
that your archaic view of family holds no relevance today
and if you think that honest people really should be turned away 
from ivf and B&Bs just because they're gay
  C     D
i suggest you stop requesting that we continue to pay
our taxes to a party that's held us back all the way
        C         D  000210
i'll take my business and my produce and my income tax elsewhere and say
 G  D G D C
farewell, farewell to welfare
i'll say farewell, farewell to welfare
they'll say to hell, to hell with welfare
I'll say farewell, farewell x2
I'll say farewell, farewell, to welfare..... G G/F# C G