Аккорды Grace Petrie - I Do Not Have The Power To Cause A Flood

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Tuning: Standard

Tempo: 280bpm

Strumming pattern: d d dudu



At the very end, it becomes:


In the final verse, there's a walk up from Em to C twice, but it's not really a walk up in that it's just a chord that goes:


So just play that for a bar between Em and C.


CAPO ON 5 (this is for the studio version, in the BBC radio version she plays with a capo on 2)

Intro: G D G G C D G

  G               D                G
I do not have the power to cause a flood

    C                   D            G       Em   
I'm not like Storm from X-men who so ea-sily could

  C            D                G               Em
Manipulate the weather, causing havoc where she stood

                            (strum once)                           (strum once, and pause) 
         C                D              G        G       G      D 
But if I had the power to cause a flood, I would
                               (pause for a bar here)

       C               Cadd9           G       
Oh I'd send a flood to Russia right to Putin's door,

    D                                Em   
The waves of my destruction spanning miles,

   C             Cadd9              G
To wash away the prejudice and then ne-ver more would he make

  (strum once)                      (lick)
Statements that equate us all to pe-do-philes

            C              D           G      Em
But instead give all Pussy Riot a dame-hood

                                     (play 3 bars of G before walking down to C at next verse)
     C            D                G 
If I only had the power to cause a flood

       C           Cadd9          G
Oh I'd send one to Uganda where Museveni says

        D                             Em
Gay and bi and trans-abnormals need a cure

             C              Cadd9                 G                
And until he finds one he's content to throw them all in jail

         (strum once)                   (lick)
A life sentence of repentance but you can be sure that

  C      D          G     Em
Museveni definitely would

                                        (play 3 bars of G before walking down to C at next verse)
        C            D                G 
Know it if I had the power to cause a flood

        C      D      G    C              D      Em     C
And for Je-rem-y Clarkson, it's all just a bit of fun

       (strum once)                (strum once)
        C                           G
For our highly paid celebrities, to use language of bigotry,

   (strum once)                                 (walk up)
    D                             Em            
And then make no apology, because no one sees a link between

    C                                        G
The things he thinks it's fine to tweet, and people yelled at in the street            
                                                        (walk up)
    D                                    Em              
And kids abused in every school, and the time my windows were bricked through               
    C         Cadd9         G                        D                                      
And Putin and Museveni, for UKIP and for Jeremy, and banter from the Top Gear lads,         
                  (walk up)                (strum once)      (strum once)
     Em                                  C                 G
Yeah it's PC gone fucking mad and that's all just fine a-nd good

           (strum once)                      (final lick)       (strum once, let ring)
         D                                                    G                      
But if I had the power to cause a flood - you can bet I would