Аккорды Песни из кинофильмов - City Of Stars (из кинофильма "La- La Land")

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Gm          C
City of stars
                        Dm (x2)
Are you shining just for me
Gm           C
City of stars
                              F (x2)
There's so much that I can't see
    Gm   C
Who knows
                         F       Am       Adim
I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you
   Gm        A7 ↓
That now our dreams
                      Dm (x2)
They've finally come true

Gm          C7
City of stars
                          Dm (x2)
Just one thing everybody wants
Gm              C7
There in the bars
And through the smokescreen 
      F                Am
Of the crowded restaurants
    Gm        C                 
It's love, yes all we're looking 
       F       Am        Adim 
For is love from someone else

А rush, a glance
   A7 ↓    
А touch, a dance

Bb                    C7
To look in somebody's eyes
To light up the skies
             Dm (x2)
To open the world and send them reeling
Bb                         C7
А voice that says I'll be here
                 Dm (x2)
And you'll be alright
Bb                  C7
I don't care if I know
Just where I will go
                  Dm (x2)
Cause all that I need's this crazy feeling
Bb                    A7 ↓
А rat-tat-tat on my heart…
                     Dm (x2)
Think I want it to stay

Gm          C
City of stars
                        F (x2)
Are you shining just for me
Gm         A7 ↓
City of stars
                        Dm (x2)
You never shined so brightly

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